Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Treasure Life....

A few wks. ago my niece & I went to a rubber stamp convention in Akron - oh boy the fun!!!
The learning!!!! Sure hope I can remeber everything!
Saw a lot of different ways to do glitter. I think that is the "in" thing for now.
But what I'm showing is not glitter. Wasn't there a song out a long time ago something about everything is not glitter or was that gold - I think Vince Gill sang it ?- oopps Sorry got side tracked here....hehehe.

The top picture is a result of one of the fun learning techniques, that I actually rememberd!
WOW - Imagine that !! hehehe
Anyway... here are the supplies used & the "de"structions.
Hope you like & if you try it - please share your results..
Glossy cardstock: source unknown
C.T.M.H. dye re-inkers - Baby Pink; Amethyst
C.T.M.H. Black inkpad
C.T.M.H. stampset - Treasure Life
91% Rubbing Alcohol - ( make SURE its 91%)
Black Stazon Ink Pad
I put the alcohol in a little spritzer bottle & spritzed the glossy c.s. then I put some drops of re-inker on a felt pad attached to a wood block & just stomped/twisted my way around till I was done. You can lay it aside to dry or speed it up by using your heat gun.
I used the heat gun for a few seconds, then carefully blotted it with paper towel.
then I stamped my image with black stazon inkpad.
I would not use more then 3 colors if I tried this. You can also use a Krylon Gold inkpen first on the glossy c.s. by putting some random dots/blobs ( I would have- but my pen was empty!)
Until another time....
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