Sunday, December 21, 2008

Just some cold snowy pictures(taken from our storm in March 2008) The g.k. sure enjoyed it; & then some from this summer when my b-i-l & his wife were up from FL. She is the sweetest person, and I just wish I had more time to spend with her & be able to talk more with both of them. At the resturant we met at in Mt. Eaton- we spent a super long time there & they were so good to all of us.
Hope you are ready or soon to be ready for Christmas... until another time.....

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

My granddaughter had so much fun making the paper trees. We even did a video tutoral.
But I am not sure if I got it up-loaded(down-loaded?) right onto here ( I probably didn't) .... so, if you try to click on the link - maybe, it will work...maybe it won't......(I am still learning)
Basics is: it takes between 2-3 sheets 12X12 double-sided paper/cardstock- cut 3/4 X3"
Wrap around a pencil to curl it. Start on the botom of a styrofoam tree & use either pins or glue
to attach- working up. Simple-Fun-Fast
Enjoy & until another time...

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Oh how I love mountains. Any size. I have been to W.V. many times & the mountains there are great. New River Gorge is super to see. I will have to try to find my pics. of that to post sometime. Soon.
Maybe, I need to make a visit there this summer to see the mountains & visit a few friends- Barb & Geraldine- if they have the time.

What do you get if you mix a hillbilly with a buckeye? Answer: Buckabilly. hehe
Thats what a good friend of mine used to call me. Dana has been in heaven now for 7 years (12/01/2001 )

Speaking of mountains.......

In April/May 2006 I was in Las Vegas then went to Ogden, UT. to a friend's (??) for a wk. What fun- what awesome GIANT mountains.

B was a friend or so a few of us thought. We were in an on-line craft group & for some reason her granddaughter booted us all ( most of us) out. Granddaughter says " Stop talking to soNso" & Granny does- no reason or nothing.
T & I were talking the other day(she was from that group too, that got "booted") & we couldn't figure out how to explain to someone about being "shunned" & not understand/know the reason why. And how sad !! Time to turn the page...

Anyway... I do have a few great pictures & some wonderful memories of that time, & still some wonderful close friendships from that time/place with Nana,Terry,Barb,Speedy & Robin & oh dear- I dare not forget Harley!!& Heidi ( who is still doing great)
ok... enough on this trip down memory lane....

This is one of my favorite l.o. of the mountains in UT. I got 19 ( actually 20- cause one is hidden from your view) pictures on this 2 page 12X12 l.o.
if you click on the picture- I think you will be able to see it better/bigger

until another time...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I am Thankful for...

( the above 3 pictures are Digi-scrapped! Yes, I am still playing around with that, but I still prefer making my pages the "real" way!!)
Happy Thanksgiving...

It was a good fun relaxing sort of day at my daughters with the grandkids. Our cousin Julie came over to visit for a bit & have dessert with us. This is the first year for her with out her mom & I know it was very hard on her. She is such a sweet young lady.

We played our "I am thankful for A - B - C game" where we go through the alphabet stating what we are thankful for.

That reminded C.J. of a book that she made when she was in 1st. grade, where all the kids wrote what they were thankful for & the teacher was kind enough to have it put into a hard-back book. We had fun reading this - especially when we got to the boy who said he was thankful for his brain....

Oh my, we laughed so hard, that tears were pouring down our faces.

Now, remember this was written by a 6/7 year old child. He would now have to be 12 maybe 13 & I wonder if he still has the book & if his family are teasing him over this. As I drove home, I thought of what he wrote & started to laugh all over again.

So with this thanksgiving- be thankful for your brain.........

until the next time......

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Another First... oh my!!!!

Well, another first for me.. I tried digi scrapping. This was simple with a pre-made page, all I had to do was find the pictures & add them. Then I added some paw-prints. Easy-Peasy.

Now, I think... I want to try this some more before I totally give up on it, but... I think for me- I prefer making my lay-outs the "old-fashioned" way. I do like this "style" so, I might have to try it with some real c.s. & embellies.

That's it for me tonight in this 20 something brrrr cold temps. Stay warm , and...

until the next time....

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A time to give thanks...

Thanksgiving is drawing near- a time to reflect & be thankful for what we have & not what we want.

I have so much to be thankful for -

my freedom to worship God

my freedom





& special friends that are like family

the list could on, but I will stop with this for now.

From a craft group that I belong to - this link was posted & I want to share it here - take time to watch it...

This is a 6X6 recipe that I did- all papers are C.T.M.H.
Yes, I have made the cake & it is yummy & oh-so rich.

until the next time...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

2 girls & card making

Carrie left Friday after work for W.V. for the wk-end. AJ spent the night with his friend & then with his dad.

That left CJ with me. On Saturday her friend came over & spent the night. They seemed to have fun- they made some Christmas cards. No help from me except to explain how to apply the fun flock & glitter. Glitter everywhere.hehehe. Too bad it does not show well in the photos.
So, that left me to work on my cards. Maybe later I will take pics of mine & share - but then again maybe I won't as I have a few "secret sisters" & jeepers, if I show what I made- well, then it won't be such a secret any more, now will it?

The first picture is of her friend on the left & CJ on the right. 2nd. photo is her friends cards & last pic. is CJ's cards.

I think they did a fantastic job. Think they are trying to show me up?????? YEP!!!!

Some stamps are CTMH. The owl -Is it too late to be good? stamp - I just got is from Great Impression & soon to be one of my faves.

hmmm - wonder if I should have them make my cards for me.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Applying stamped images to candles is a fun & cheap gift to give. I found this picture of some candles I did a few years back. Most of the images are C.T.M.H. and I am thinking I should do some more this year for gifts. Someone somewhere gave instructions for putting photos on candles- I might like to give that try.

I am off to enjoy this beautiful warm fall day. From what I hear it is the last warm day we will be having.

until the next time...


Monday, November 3, 2008

Early Morning sun rise --2 days in a row about 3 wks. back, on my way to my daughters house -early in the morning- I got to see a beautiful sunrise one morning & the next another beautiful sky.
It made me think of some of the wonderful paintings & photos I have seen - but nothing beats seeing the "real" thing !!

Another amazing thing about this is... I took these 2 photos & they came out pretty decent.

Shocking - I know !!!! hehehe

Well, if you have not voted early- then please do so tomorrow. Search your heart & vote for the ones that you feel will do the best job.

Also - remember to pray for all - even the ones you do not like or wish to be in office.

Remember - No matter what, GOD IS STILL IN CONTROLL !!

Until the next time.....
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Friday, October 31, 2008

Cuttlebug card using CTMH cardstock- can't remember where the brad or flower are from. It was fun & fast to make.

Today is the last day of October.

Temps were in the 30's the beginning of the wk & we had our first snowfall on Tue. morn. It covered the ground, but by afternoon - it was gone & stayed cold & wet all day. Now today its up into the 60's & boy am loving it. I will enjoy it while I can as I know it will not last.

Guess I better go as our neighborhood will have little ghosts & witches, football stars, princess & who knows what/who else walking the streets around here ringing the doorbell(if we have our porch light) on for a treat. My gk usually go in the neighborhood which I enjoyed walking with them, but this year they are going to a praise & worship song fest at their church. So, guess I will be the one at the house passing out the candy.

Time sure goes fast. Until the next time...

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Friday, October 24, 2008

"Green Card"

Bet you didn' know I needed a "green card" did you? Yep, I did & my good buddy Terry designed & sent it to me.

She said she was making notecards & thought of me when she made the turtle.

Thank you Ms.T for thinking of me & putting a smile on my face & the neighbors wondering why I was cracking up when I got my mail & saw this.


For those of you that don't know this: I am called "turtle" on Nana's board.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I am not "into" Halloween but I saw some cute cards & items awhile back from Rachelle ( you can go to her blog over on the side here). This was inspired by her & "coppied" completely. I used CTMH's Creme Brulee & Black inks. Black , white daisy cardstock. stampsets by CTMH used were: Friendship alphabet small ( BOO ) Happy Haunting, Halloween Dingbats. other: "google" eyes. If I have time to make her "Frankie" card - both cards will go to my grandkids, - if not then I guess I will send out a belated RAK to someone. Hope you like this if you are reading this.

until the next time....

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Sunday-

Resting up from Friday & Saturday. No school for g.k. on Friday so they were here all day. They did real good. It was a little 'nippy' out, but they had fun gathering some leaves & covering each other up, then "scaring" me by jumping out of the pile - hehehe. Of course A.J. found a new use for the snow shovel. Got some great pics- can't wait to do some lay-out pics with the photos, but first will share a few pictures of their fun day.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Yesterday was a fun-filled & interesting day. I went to Hartville to my friend's house & another friend that lives near there in Canton came over we did some rubberstamping - started to work on our Christmas cards. We "broke" for lunch. Went to Hartville Kitchen but the line & wait was too long, or so we thought at the time, so we went to the other side of town. WHOA- what a mistake. The service was horrrible. It took us over 2 hours to be waited on, get our food, then get my bill corrected.Ms.P. talked very nice to the owner about the problem- but don't think it did any good. But hey- we did have fun, the food was o.k. & we learned- not to go there again. Something we can remember & laugh about & joke about now, that it's over with.

This card that I did, (thanks to C.G. a fellow consultant for the idea)... Everything is C.T.M.H. Photobucket

This card is a technique that I learned from the Adventures In Stamping convention that my niece & I went to a few wk. back. It was so much fun to do & of course the photo does not capture it the way it should.

From C.T.M.H. : Black cardstock, White Daisy cardstock & inkpad; Feathery Flakes stampset ( love-love-love this new stampset)' Liquid Glass, Prisma Glitter.
Non C.T.M.H. items:
Cool Grey & Pale Blue Copic inks
Opalite pigment reinker
Clear Acetate ( small square )
Snowflake punch.

until the next time...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Day 2...

Wow- can't believe I am posting again - so soon. At least I did not wait a year between my first post & this. Always something new to learn.
I was surprised & so happy to see all my wonderful first comments - thanks !!

"Rain-Rain go away, Come again another day, rain-rain...."
remember that childhood song? It was dreary & raining out this forenoon &I thought of it & wonder how many kids in this day know it & sing it. Something to ask my g.k. this eve.
They will be spending the night here because they have no school tomorrow ( teacher's workshop or something like that). I just might be singing that song tomorrow.
Rain - Rain.....

At our county fair this fall in Sept. in the Home Ec. building the 2 pictures I am showing here - the young person won first place. It was from the 9th-12th grade age bracket. But the pictures I took- do not do this justice.
Look as close as you can at all the details- It is so amamzing & just blew me away.If that young person continues & persues the field of art - can you just imagine all the talent that young one will have as an adult? WOWZERS....

I think if you click on the picture - it will enlarge for you to see better. Enjoy...
"Beauty Queen"


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What am I doing..........

here with a Blog ????....


I started this blog way over a year ago, and I am just now getting ready to "write" in it.
But jeepers, I have no idea at all of what to say - what not to say.

I wish I was artistic & had a "way" with words like some do that I read, so in comparison- mine will be very boring.
Will I write in here every day- I doubt it.

Last few days have been beautiful & warm with all the rich vibrant fall colors. Today is a little rainy & cooler out. So not looking forward to winter with all the super-cold temps.
So now- I think I will go & see if I can make something ( need to get busy on my Christmas cards)
Family on canvas...


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