Monday, December 1, 2008

Oh how I love mountains. Any size. I have been to W.V. many times & the mountains there are great. New River Gorge is super to see. I will have to try to find my pics. of that to post sometime. Soon.
Maybe, I need to make a visit there this summer to see the mountains & visit a few friends- Barb & Geraldine- if they have the time.

What do you get if you mix a hillbilly with a buckeye? Answer: Buckabilly. hehe
Thats what a good friend of mine used to call me. Dana has been in heaven now for 7 years (12/01/2001 )

Speaking of mountains.......

In April/May 2006 I was in Las Vegas then went to Ogden, UT. to a friend's (??) for a wk. What fun- what awesome GIANT mountains.

B was a friend or so a few of us thought. We were in an on-line craft group & for some reason her granddaughter booted us all ( most of us) out. Granddaughter says " Stop talking to soNso" & Granny does- no reason or nothing.
T & I were talking the other day(she was from that group too, that got "booted") & we couldn't figure out how to explain to someone about being "shunned" & not understand/know the reason why. And how sad !! Time to turn the page...

Anyway... I do have a few great pictures & some wonderful memories of that time, & still some wonderful close friendships from that time/place with Nana,Terry,Barb,Speedy & Robin & oh dear- I dare not forget Harley!!& Heidi ( who is still doing great)
ok... enough on this trip down memory lane....

This is one of my favorite l.o. of the mountains in UT. I got 19 ( actually 20- cause one is hidden from your view) pictures on this 2 page 12X12 l.o.
if you click on the picture- I think you will be able to see it better/bigger

until another time...


Nana said...

I adored your layout when I first saw it, and I love it just as much now....I, too, really loved seeing "your mountains", and if I get a chance I will send you pics of "my mountains", the Sierras...they are just as beautiful! And as far as our friend goes, sometimes things just work out that way, no rhyme nor reason to them, it's just life, I guess.

bloggin4fun said...

that was fun, down in vegas huh? you should come visit us in Reno. it would be fun to pick your brain!


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