Thursday, November 27, 2008

I am Thankful for...

( the above 3 pictures are Digi-scrapped! Yes, I am still playing around with that, but I still prefer making my pages the "real" way!!)
Happy Thanksgiving...

It was a good fun relaxing sort of day at my daughters with the grandkids. Our cousin Julie came over to visit for a bit & have dessert with us. This is the first year for her with out her mom & I know it was very hard on her. She is such a sweet young lady.

We played our "I am thankful for A - B - C game" where we go through the alphabet stating what we are thankful for.

That reminded C.J. of a book that she made when she was in 1st. grade, where all the kids wrote what they were thankful for & the teacher was kind enough to have it put into a hard-back book. We had fun reading this - especially when we got to the boy who said he was thankful for his brain....

Oh my, we laughed so hard, that tears were pouring down our faces.

Now, remember this was written by a 6/7 year old child. He would now have to be 12 maybe 13 & I wonder if he still has the book & if his family are teasing him over this. As I drove home, I thought of what he wrote & started to laugh all over again.

So with this thanksgiving- be thankful for your brain.........

until the next time......

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Another First... oh my!!!!

Well, another first for me.. I tried digi scrapping. This was simple with a pre-made page, all I had to do was find the pictures & add them. Then I added some paw-prints. Easy-Peasy.

Now, I think... I want to try this some more before I totally give up on it, but... I think for me- I prefer making my lay-outs the "old-fashioned" way. I do like this "style" so, I might have to try it with some real c.s. & embellies.

That's it for me tonight in this 20 something brrrr cold temps. Stay warm , and...

until the next time....

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A time to give thanks...

Thanksgiving is drawing near- a time to reflect & be thankful for what we have & not what we want.

I have so much to be thankful for -

my freedom to worship God

my freedom





& special friends that are like family

the list could on, but I will stop with this for now.

From a craft group that I belong to - this link was posted & I want to share it here - take time to watch it...

This is a 6X6 recipe that I did- all papers are C.T.M.H.
Yes, I have made the cake & it is yummy & oh-so rich.

until the next time...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

2 girls & card making

Carrie left Friday after work for W.V. for the wk-end. AJ spent the night with his friend & then with his dad.

That left CJ with me. On Saturday her friend came over & spent the night. They seemed to have fun- they made some Christmas cards. No help from me except to explain how to apply the fun flock & glitter. Glitter everywhere.hehehe. Too bad it does not show well in the photos.
So, that left me to work on my cards. Maybe later I will take pics of mine & share - but then again maybe I won't as I have a few "secret sisters" & jeepers, if I show what I made- well, then it won't be such a secret any more, now will it?

The first picture is of her friend on the left & CJ on the right. 2nd. photo is her friends cards & last pic. is CJ's cards.

I think they did a fantastic job. Think they are trying to show me up?????? YEP!!!!

Some stamps are CTMH. The owl -Is it too late to be good? stamp - I just got is from Great Impression & soon to be one of my faves.

hmmm - wonder if I should have them make my cards for me.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Applying stamped images to candles is a fun & cheap gift to give. I found this picture of some candles I did a few years back. Most of the images are C.T.M.H. and I am thinking I should do some more this year for gifts. Someone somewhere gave instructions for putting photos on candles- I might like to give that try.

I am off to enjoy this beautiful warm fall day. From what I hear it is the last warm day we will be having.

until the next time...


Monday, November 3, 2008

Early Morning sun rise --2 days in a row about 3 wks. back, on my way to my daughters house -early in the morning- I got to see a beautiful sunrise one morning & the next another beautiful sky.
It made me think of some of the wonderful paintings & photos I have seen - but nothing beats seeing the "real" thing !!

Another amazing thing about this is... I took these 2 photos & they came out pretty decent.

Shocking - I know !!!! hehehe

Well, if you have not voted early- then please do so tomorrow. Search your heart & vote for the ones that you feel will do the best job.

Also - remember to pray for all - even the ones you do not like or wish to be in office.

Remember - No matter what, GOD IS STILL IN CONTROLL !!

Until the next time.....
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