Sunday, November 9, 2008

2 girls & card making

Carrie left Friday after work for W.V. for the wk-end. AJ spent the night with his friend & then with his dad.

That left CJ with me. On Saturday her friend came over & spent the night. They seemed to have fun- they made some Christmas cards. No help from me except to explain how to apply the fun flock & glitter. Glitter everywhere.hehehe. Too bad it does not show well in the photos.
So, that left me to work on my cards. Maybe later I will take pics of mine & share - but then again maybe I won't as I have a few "secret sisters" & jeepers, if I show what I made- well, then it won't be such a secret any more, now will it?

The first picture is of her friend on the left & CJ on the right. 2nd. photo is her friends cards & last pic. is CJ's cards.

I think they did a fantastic job. Think they are trying to show me up?????? YEP!!!!

Some stamps are CTMH. The owl -Is it too late to be good? stamp - I just got is from Great Impression & soon to be one of my faves.

hmmm - wonder if I should have them make my cards for me.


Michelle said...

Great looking cards! Your DGK's did good! I'm sure they had an excellent teacher too!

BetC said...

Wow JO, your gk did a wonderful job... they are soooo pretty!!!!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

What a lovely gift you have given them... your expertise and talent!

love ya!

FireCracker082 said...

looks like they were having a blast!! good for them,and good for you to let them

Ramblin Rose said...

Jo, would I be able to get your granddaughter to make my Christmas cards? LOL They did a really great job!

Rose Ann

Heidi Blankenship said...

Hi Jo!
WOW it was exciting to hear from you!! Yes, I remember you! ;) It has been a long time! Thanks so much for your wonderful comments and for stopping by my blog! I am happy to see that you have a blog. Love the cards your DGK did! Take care!!


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