Sunday, December 21, 2008

Just some cold snowy pictures(taken from our storm in March 2008) The g.k. sure enjoyed it; & then some from this summer when my b-i-l & his wife were up from FL. She is the sweetest person, and I just wish I had more time to spend with her & be able to talk more with both of them. At the resturant we met at in Mt. Eaton- we spent a super long time there & they were so good to all of us.
Hope you are ready or soon to be ready for Christmas... until another time.....

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

My granddaughter had so much fun making the paper trees. We even did a video tutoral.
But I am not sure if I got it up-loaded(down-loaded?) right onto here ( I probably didn't) .... so, if you try to click on the link - maybe, it will work...maybe it won't......(I am still learning)
Basics is: it takes between 2-3 sheets 12X12 double-sided paper/cardstock- cut 3/4 X3"
Wrap around a pencil to curl it. Start on the botom of a styrofoam tree & use either pins or glue
to attach- working up. Simple-Fun-Fast
Enjoy & until another time...

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Oh how I love mountains. Any size. I have been to W.V. many times & the mountains there are great. New River Gorge is super to see. I will have to try to find my pics. of that to post sometime. Soon.
Maybe, I need to make a visit there this summer to see the mountains & visit a few friends- Barb & Geraldine- if they have the time.

What do you get if you mix a hillbilly with a buckeye? Answer: Buckabilly. hehe
Thats what a good friend of mine used to call me. Dana has been in heaven now for 7 years (12/01/2001 )

Speaking of mountains.......

In April/May 2006 I was in Las Vegas then went to Ogden, UT. to a friend's (??) for a wk. What fun- what awesome GIANT mountains.

B was a friend or so a few of us thought. We were in an on-line craft group & for some reason her granddaughter booted us all ( most of us) out. Granddaughter says " Stop talking to soNso" & Granny does- no reason or nothing.
T & I were talking the other day(she was from that group too, that got "booted") & we couldn't figure out how to explain to someone about being "shunned" & not understand/know the reason why. And how sad !! Time to turn the page...

Anyway... I do have a few great pictures & some wonderful memories of that time, & still some wonderful close friendships from that time/place with Nana,Terry,Barb,Speedy & Robin & oh dear- I dare not forget Harley!!& Heidi ( who is still doing great)
ok... enough on this trip down memory lane....

This is one of my favorite l.o. of the mountains in UT. I got 19 ( actually 20- cause one is hidden from your view) pictures on this 2 page 12X12 l.o.
if you click on the picture- I think you will be able to see it better/bigger

until another time...


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