Thursday, October 16, 2008

Day 2...

Wow- can't believe I am posting again - so soon. At least I did not wait a year between my first post & this. Always something new to learn.
I was surprised & so happy to see all my wonderful first comments - thanks !!

"Rain-Rain go away, Come again another day, rain-rain...."
remember that childhood song? It was dreary & raining out this forenoon &I thought of it & wonder how many kids in this day know it & sing it. Something to ask my g.k. this eve.
They will be spending the night here because they have no school tomorrow ( teacher's workshop or something like that). I just might be singing that song tomorrow.
Rain - Rain.....

At our county fair this fall in Sept. in the Home Ec. building the 2 pictures I am showing here - the young person won first place. It was from the 9th-12th grade age bracket. But the pictures I took- do not do this justice.
Look as close as you can at all the details- It is so amamzing & just blew me away.If that young person continues & persues the field of art - can you just imagine all the talent that young one will have as an adult? WOWZERS....

I think if you click on the picture - it will enlarge for you to see better. Enjoy...
"Beauty Queen"


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Michelle said...

Hey, that's pretty cool! How big was it?! It's hard to tell from the picture! I love the details! You're so right, this person has some real talent!


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