Monday, March 9, 2009

CTMH Consultant card swap/shoe box swap ( as some call it)

A fellow consultant is nice enough to include me in her unit meetings. Yesterday 6 of us got together & made cards - sharing great ideas - doing different techniques. While each of us made/stamped our own set of cards; we only designed one card. So in this set of cards - the one ( last card?? if I put them in here right,) I "created" has the scalloped edge, made with our corner-rounder'; basket full of eggs & the cutest little bunny resting in his shell at the bottom of the basket.
It was a fun Spring time theme card party. Too bad the pictures don't do the cards justice to show off all the fun things we did - pop dot - layering - stippling - distressing - wax paper background stamping - fake sewing. Of course the gal who created the "sewing" card - WOW - her "sewing" was so great & neat looking and... it was all done by hand! Me - I cheated - I brought mine home & used a tracing wheel to get that "sewing " look. What can I say!!!
ALL items- Stamp images - everything ( except a ribbon somewhere) are C.T.M.H.
Anyway... hope you enjoy all the SPRING cards....


Scrappingamma said...

Oh Jo, I just love your cards. You know, I never thought about using my tracing wheel on my cards or layouts. What a great idea! Thanks for telling me. Glad you had a good time card making yesterday. Its so much fun to get together with friends and create.

T said...

Jo!!! These are all awesome cards...what a fun time you must have with the group. Thanks for sharing!

Betsy C said...

YOu are so creative... and I love that you have patience to teach me what you know.. hint hint!

What a wonderful share Miss JO! I love them all! (teach me how to do the scallop thing)

love ya!

Cathy Gill said...

This little meeting was too fun and great cards from everyone! Your's was a great design~

Mary said...

Love your cards!!!(especially the 2nd one - so pretty!) Great job!

LynnH said...

Jo, these cards are just awesome, but I like the last card the best. That looks like a great Easter card! I sure would love to know how to make that one.

Thanks so much for sharing, Jo.


HaleyD said...

Great cards!


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