Saturday, January 24, 2009

Time sure is moving fast. Hard to believe January is almost over. I have been spending a lot of time down in Plainfield/West Lafayette/Coshocton area as my M.-I.-L. is not doing well at all & she is in a nursing home- so I have been going there & making sure she eats a little & is not in a lot of pain. Then I also go to help F.-I.L. - make sure he eats something & keep him company, I guess.
All-in-all, it keeps me busy. I stay down there & then come home on the wk-ends.

Not a lot of time to do anything creative & fun. But I "played hookey" from housework this eve. & made a few simple cards.
First 2 pictures are the outside/inside of card. All stamps & materials are C.T.M.H. except for ribbon & I used the Cuttlebug Heart embossing folder on the Bubblegum Cardstock(CTMH)
WOW- I love the January Stamp Of The Month " Moments In Time" from CTMH.
You can make neat/fun little calanders for every month from now all the way thru the year 2015.
You can only get this stampset until the end of Jan. So if you want it- please hurry & let me know.
The quote on the bottom of the first card is from a retired CTMH set, the "I love you" heart & inside is "All My Love" stampset- CTMH

The 3rd picture is a stampset that was available in Dec.2008 called Heartthrob. Again everything is CTMH except for the ribbon.

Hope you like the cards & untill another time....

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Ramblin Rose said...

I may just hang out for the music. I love the House Of The Rising Sun! Love the cards so the music is just a neat perk. Maybe you could teach me how to do a Blog.

Rose Ann

Jo said...

aww- thank you RoseAnnn - no wonder we get along so well- we like the same song( that's a Classic" in my book!).

Hey- if I can blog - ANYONE can!! It is easy. So whenever you want- just give me a loud yell.

T said...

Jo! I love your cards! They are so pretty! Oh...I finally hooked my speakers up so I could listen to your music..I have Old Time Rock and Roll as one of my ring tones! And awww...Kenny G...can't help but love him.

Missing you Jo! Hope things get better with your n-laws soon. I know how it is though..been there. You are so wonderful to take care of them during the week.

P.S. I am going to try and put music to my blog..if I can't do it then you may have to help me out!

Jo said...

thank you my good buddy. Anytime if I can help- you know I will.

Nana said...

Beautiful cards Jo, love the colors and the sayings....I guess we all get along so well because we love the same kind of "tunes"...most of the so called music of today to me sounds like "ear pollution" and makes my teeth rattle..(like the dude that rides up and down by my house with his speakers up so high it makes my whole house shake..I guess that's the new version of "rock and roll", cause everything keeps the beat including my teeth, dogs, couches, windows, chairs, dishes, etc..etc..etc!

Jo said...

thans Nana-my good buddy.
On the loud booming music of the kids today: they will pay & be sorry for it later as I can see a whole bunch of them being sorry as hearing aides are not all they are cracked up to be!

Ramblin Rose said...

I had to come back to see your calendar card again and listen to your music. Your blog is way cooler than mine. Hope you are taking care of yourself. I know how busy you are staying.

Love Bunches,
Rose Ann


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