Sunday, February 1, 2009

Snow & Ice Storm 1/28/09

The pictures here were taken down at my in-laws in Coshocton county, the day after the storm ripped thru Ohio.
We were without power for about 5 hours & were lucky as some people in that area went without for over 4 days.
The driveway is circular & 2 teen boys came that eve & dug us out. They did such a fantastic job. Everytime I look at these pictures I thank God for them & their great work.

Its kind of hard to " think spring" when you see all this ice & snow, but someone told me today that its only 47 days away. YAAAAY!!!!!
until next time....
Think SPRING...




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Ramblin Rose said...

Red berries peeking through the snow is always so pretty. Very nice pictures, Jo.

Rose Ann


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