Saturday, February 7, 2009

American Made

Yesterday I went & visited my 90 yr. young cousin. She is such a joy to talk with & a wealth of info.
Anyways... many yrs( & I do mean many!!!) ago her & her hubby as a hobby started tanning deer hides & it turned into a business. Well, her hubby is passed on now(quite a few yrs. back) & she kept the business going. Now she has turned it over to her step grandson & family, but she still goes there just about every day for a few hours to work.

So anyways.... she knows my love for hats....yep.... the hat came home with me.
I think I gave her a bit of a fright as I told her I was going to wear it to church today. - but she made me promise that I wouldn't. I kept my promise... but oh my it was hard. hehehe

Then, bless her heart- she gave me a pr. of genuine lambskin slippers. Man-oh-man are they ever soft & keep my feet nice & toasty warm (without socks)
so... everytime I wear either one I will have fond memories of her.
BTW: the hat is genuine deerskin



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Anonymous said...

Jo, I love your hat!!

Betsy C said...

My Dear Friend Jo,
Many and I do mean many years ago I had the honor of wearing some of those deer skin slippers as I had received a pair, probably 2 or 3 pairs as my feet got so big, for my birthday. Mom also bought the big wool skins to put on the seats of the cars because we had leather seats and they are so cold in the winter and very hot in the summer. But the sheepskins were so comfortable. I also remember the Wooly worms your cousin would make and if you stroked it it would raise up and you could make it crawl down your arm. I remember mine was dyed orange. What a fine lady Elizabeth is... I loved her name!!!! wonder why??? Please find out for me how much the slippers are as I would love to get a pair for me and hubby. Size 8 1/2 wide and 10 mens!!!
Great blog!!!!

Ramblin Rose said...

So I love the hat and the slippers. The hat is definitely so YOU! Great picture!!

Rose Ann


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